It’s a hands on industry with loads of opportunity.

Victoria State Government

The Sky’s the Limit!

Brad Ness – Bade Ness Rural Director and Co-owner

“Agriculture really is a way of life for me. I grew up with farming in my blood and I’ve always liked the idea of farming. I was raised on a dairy farm and sheep/beef property near Coleraine and have probably loved farming ever since.

Ten years ago this April I started rural agronomy and trade store Bade Ness Rural in Warrnambool with my friend and business partner Roger Bade. It’s a natural progression really to now be running a rural agronomy and trade store.

“The work we do at Bade Ness is just one element of the huge variety of roles available in agriculture. The sky is really the limit when it comes to job diversity – there are far more opportunities than just working at the farm gate.

There are so many technologies available to the farming sector now and there needs to be young people to drive these initiatives. Have a look around and at the future of agriculture. I would definitely recommend it – it’s a hands-on industry with loads of opportunity.”

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