Bringing Technology to the Saleyards

By Outcross Agri Services Victorian Operations Manager Peter Brooker:
I’ve always loved agriculture. I’m originally from central west New South Wales, where I lived in a very agricultural based little community.
From there I was a Jackaroo for two years at the Haddon Rig, where we ran merino sheep, angus cattle, broad acre cropping and irrigated cotton, and loved it.
Now I’m in south-west Victoria where I’m the Victorian Operations Manager for Outcross Agri Services.
I manage a contracting team and provide consultation services in the saleyard sector, where we use technology and software to manage and streamline the sale data input process in both sheep and cattle.  I suppose it’s a true example of technology and agriculture combining.
Basically we compile data collected via an integrated sale yard software system. This in turn generates efficiencies seen right throughout the sale process. In addition, by cross-referencing NLIS electronic ear tags with their respective National Vendor Declarations, stock pen information is entered into a user friendly, tablet-based system.
This system aims to value-add to the back-office process of balancing stock numbers and billing sales, as well as updating information to the NLIS database of the stock movements in and out of livestock exchanges across Australia.  We use that, along with the technology, to really replicate the agent’s stock book and create a digital sale catalogue.
Instead of using pen and paper they are now using tablets, which allows for real time data sharing across the yard. Agriculture is just so important to our region and it’s a great to see technological advancements simplifying roles that were harder.
And better still, I believe the ag sector is the place to be for exciting, cutting edge and dynamic career opportunities.

There’s a lot of exciting stuff happening at the moment. There’s loads of new technology and innovation,and the industry is really being modernized to maintain integrity and improve efficiencies.

Australia is mainly countryside, so there are a lot of opportunities in agriculture for young people if they’re willing to get in and have a go.
It’s a good little industry to be part of.