The Great South Coast Food & Fibre Council is calling on South West farmers to spread the positive truth about our responsible and ethical practices to counter the controversial Aussie Farms map.

Chair Georgina Gubbins said that these negative perceptions of farming are outdated and incorrect, and this is one of the main areas the Council is working to counter.

“The Great South Coast region is a food producing powerhouse that drives our community’s economic wellbeing. Our farmers and manufacturers on the whole produce safe, environmentally sound and ethical products for Australian and overseas customers,” she said.

“Rather than just raging against the misinformation being peddled by extremist groups, we are asking local food and fibre producers to educate the wider community on our professional best practices. We need to spread the word about the responsible animal husbandry methods that our producers in this region, and Australia wide, implement.”

GSCFF Executive Officer, Tony Ford, said that we must tell our story and educate the wider community. The food and fibre industry is the backbone of this region’s economy and these negative perceptions potentially act as a brake on continued growth and prosperity.

“The Great South Coast Food & Fibre Council believes education is key to correcting the negative stigma associated with food & fibre production,” he said.

“Yes, those very rare cases where poor practices are carried out need to be identified and stamped out. But these cases are the tiny exception not the wider reality. The Aussie Farms Map not only breaches a business’s rights by inviting people to trespass on private property, but more importantly, poses a biosecurity risk and is completely against our local operators’ world class biosecurity protocols.

“We are proud of our responsible, innovative producers who operate ethically and sustainably and we will actively work to showcase our clean green practices to our customers and our community. This is an exciting industry and we hope that more local producers will join with us to spread this message.”