Call for Speakers: South West Victoria Sustainable Energy Forum

Monday 17 April 2023





Call for Speakers: South West Victoria Sustainable Energy Forum

South West Victoria regional representative body, Food and Fibre Great South Coast, has called for speakers to present at the organisation’s annual sustainable energy forum held on 19 July this year.

Following last years’ landmark showcase of local and industry innovations, the Great South Coast Energy Forum brings together food and fibre, government, commercial and community leaders to discuss latest industry efforts driving forward climate action each year.

The forum will be held at Deakin University Warrnambool Campus on 19 July, which Food and Fibre Great South Coast CEO Natalie Collard says will pay particular attention to initiatives that are making a positive environmental impact across the south west community.

“Last year we showcased incredible leading-edge hydrogen applications being applied across the south west region, including potential applications for dairy, plus net zero commitments and action taken by key livestock and dairy sectors, Wannon Water and forestry.

“It’s vital that we continue to apply emerging energy solutions to our local environment and we can’t wait to showcase what initiatives industry and local farmers have taken to drive forward sustainable practices across their production.”

The event presents an opportunity to share emerging developments that are spearheading climate action across the food and fibre industry Australia wide.

“As representatives of the top agricultural production region in Australia, Food and Fibre Great South Coast is serious about promoting long-term, meaningful and coordinated climate action with all actors.

“That means creating opportunities to come together and build consensus around the important issues we face right now, like a fair transition to sustainable energy consumption and production as well as ensuring no member of our community is left behind.”

Presenters will join a strong cohort of previous speakers including the Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change the Hon Lily D’Ambrosio (by video), President of the Victorian Farmers’ Federation Emma Germano, and Chair of Food Agility Cooperative Research Centres Dr Anne Astin, all of whom presented last year.

Food and Fibre Great South Coast is a diversity and inclusion advocate and in particular encourages indigenous people and women across organisational levels to apply.

Speaker submissions are due by Tuesday 16 May to with full details listed below.


Media contact :

Natalie Collard

Chief Executive Officer

0413 009 373


About Food and Fibre Great South Coast:

Food and Fibre Great South Coast (FFGSC) is the representative body for South West Victoria’s $4bn agriculture sector, and $12bn food and fibre value chain, which is responsible for 60% of our gross regional product and 21.6% of all regional jobs. South West Victoria is Australia’s largest agricultural production region by value, dominated by dairy, beef and sheep industries and supplying 14% of Victoria’s fresh seafood. FFGSC is an incorporated organisation administered by a volunteer Board and one FTE Chief Executive Officer.


Twitter: @GreatFibre

Instagram: @food.fibre.great.south.coast





Submission requirements and guidelines

To complete a submission email the following information, by Tuesday 16 May:

  1. Your role, organisation and contact information (and speaker details if different)
  2. Presentation title
  3. Presenter biography (max 100 words)
  4. What are the key message/s from your presentation?
  5. Relevance to food and fibre and/or south west community
  6. Are you interested in becoming an event partner? (Options range from $600 – $10k.)

Presentation information:

  • Sales and promotional-based presentations will not be considered.
  • Standard presentation duration is 10-12 minutes. Please ensure you narrow your focus in a way that will allow you to cover your key points within this time frame.
  • Consider what is new, different or innovative about your presentation and make this your focus in your submission.
  • Avoid broad, high-level topics. Detail what it is specifically you would like to speak to our audience about.