Bethany Lewis – Careers Advisory Panel Ambassador

Bethany never thought she would find herself in food and fibre, but the energy and strength of nature pulled her in, and now she is slowing down and learning to become a part of the natural rhythm of the land.

‘’Someone recently said to me, ‘slow is the fastest way to get to where you want to go’’’

Bethany has tried her hand at many industries—from education to marketing, then to owning several businesses and publishing a book. But the energy she felt when spending a few months on a farm was something that just kept nagging at her: ‘I wanted to do something—move the needle—as far as giving back to the land and helping the land’.

Bethany didn’t grow up around farming or know too much about it, but her past experience taught her to let failure drive and challenge her, which opened up doors she would never have expected. ‘’ I would have never even allowed myself to be curious about food and fibre unless I had this approach to embracing failure and being clumsy.’’

‘’There are probably a lot of people like me who haven’t grown up around farming. I want everyone to be given the permission to experience it.’’
Now she is uncovering many of the misconceptions surrounding the food and fibre industry and feels empowered by giving herself the permission to want to be a part of it.

‘’There have been so many experiences where I have just been humbled. My perception was so far from reality. I am really keen to show people how I have overcome some of these misconceptions.’’

Bethany believes that there is space for everyone within this industry ‘’you don’t have to be what you traditionally see’’ and, in her experience, you don’t necessarily need physical strength or a scientific mind—instinct or connection to land could be your best asset ‘’these abilities make you actually perfect for it.’’

Bethany is excited about a future that focuses on biodiverse ways of managing the land and regenerative farm practices. Today she is learning and working on a farm as well as creating her own space at her small block in Warrnambool where she can tend to and learn from her own garden.
‘’There is room and space for everyone. Give yourself permission to actually consider it, to actually be curious, because if it is right for you, it will actually surprise you.’’