Ralph Cotter – Careers Advisory Panel Ambassador

‘I see it as a very honourable job because you are doing something positive, you are creating something, and you are helping people.’

Ralph always thought agriculture was just about farming, but when he started out in the industry, he realised it was so much more than that. He found there were all these other jobs in agriculture that you can be involved in, those that people don’t think about, like the public service.

‘It can be a career that offers opportunities that others don’t.’

Ralph is the regional leader of Barwon Southwest (a state government-based role). He works on promoting the programs and policies of Agriculture Victoria to other organisations while helping them improve and increase agriculture within the region.

‘A lot of people might not know about all the career opportunities within government and agriculture. There really are so many different ways you can go: From pests and disease, through to animal health, plants, research, and technology.’

‘Agriculture is future proof’ Ralph says that there will always be opportunities in the industry because it is a part of our daily lives: from the food we eat to the clothes we wear, it will always be an important and secure career path.

Ralph believes an industry in food and fibre can offer things that other careers cannot. With the diversity of opportunities out there, you don’t have to have grown up on a farm or have even had involvement in one; ‘a lot of people just come into it by accident, really.’

‘Be really open-minded with what your future career could be and give agriculture a consideration.’