Rowan Ault – Careers Advisory Panel Ambassador

‘One thing the dairy industry does really well is on the job training or industry training. The only thing you really need to do is make a start because there are a lot of helping hands and assistance out there. People are very good at reaching out if they see somebody trying to make their way in their career.’

Rowan is a field service manager looking after a small team that manages relationships with the dairy farmers who supply us milk. He describes his role as ‘a jack of all trades type role.’

‘The role changes over time and brings opportunities that keep it fresh.’

Growing up on a dairy farm, he was always involved in the industry, but he says that the industry is being reshaped. Not everyone in the industry grows up on a family farm, and instead, many farms are now focusing on business succession rather than handing things down the generational family line.

‘There is a range of people in the industry, from those who have been to Uni, gained tafe certificates, or on the farm experience. It is about the attitude of the person more than where they have come from.’

Rowan has a good understanding of the diverse roles out there: from working on the farm to the business side of running one through to the production of the product, to how to market and sell it.

‘We do have a heap of opportunities in the industry from hands-on out in the sunshine, through to behind the desk or in a science lab or everything in between. We sorta got something for everybody.’