Victoria Stack – Careers Advisory Panel Ambassador

‘The opportunities—farming wise—you can go pretty much anywhere in the world.’

Victoria left home at seventeen and has worked in the food and fibre industry ever since. Growing up in Canada, she never saw herself working with koalas, but after many years of travelling and learning different skills, she ended up in Australia.

‘The industry is not hard to get into, I left home at 17, and I have worked in the food and fire industry the whole time and was able to travel to different places all over the world working on farms. It is a great way to find where you want to be.’

When arriving in Australia, Victoria started out working on dairy farms, in shearing sheds, and then entered into Koala spotting. She says many base-level jobs like this require no experience but will allow you to get a feel for the industry.

‘A lot of farms will take people inexperienced.’

Victoria doesn’t have any formal qualifications. Instead, her interest and diverse experiences throughout the world led her to the position she is in today.

‘It all just fell into place.’

Today, she works as a forester, managing harvesting contractors of the blue gum plantations, but predominantly takes care of Koala management.

Victoria says that the future of food and fibre is becoming more carbon-neutral, yet, the current demographic within the industry lacks the young and progressive minds that are more aware of climate change and can relate to the changing future.