Cecilia Sbrizzi – Careers Advisory Panel Ambassador

Cecilia Sbrizzi, Agricultural Professional

‘I’ve learnt that being a farmer is not simply about owning your piece of land, it’s about happily growing your expertise and bringing your enthusiasm to make every day better.”

Based in Dixie regional Victoria, Cecilia Sbrizzi made a big life change four years ago relocating from Argentina to pursue a life in agriculture and dairy farming in Australia. “I had finished my studies and had secured a well-established job in Argentina, but I always felt there was something more out there than working nine to five in a big business,” Cecilia says.

She and her partner chose to visit Australia for a working holiday and quickly took up a job at a local dairy farm in Echuca, before moving to a dairy farm in Dixie, Southwest Victoria.  “I discovered farm life and I loved it! It was something else to just be with the animals and work in the paddocks that made me feel so fulfilled.”

“Even now, it’s sunny outside with some clouds around and cows are enjoying the day and waiting to come into the platform. I cannot regret having given myself this opportunity to live in the country and make this country home.”

Cecilia brings with her a background in logistics coordination for international companies in Argentina, and says that while the environment and business intention may be very different, many of her skills and knowledge are transferable to work on the farm.

“I have a Bachelor of International Business from Argentina and a high understanding of Standard Operating Procedures and Logistics,” Cecilia said. “While I longer work in city businesses, I feel there are no limits to me applying these valuable skills to my work now”

“The pandemic also led me to upskill with a Diploma of Agriculture, so I truly feel that everything counts towards your future when you let yourself be guided by your heart!”

We look forward to seeing where Cecilia’s heart and passion for regional Victoria and agriculture guide her in the years to come.