Celebrate Rural Women! “Claire Cheeseman”

Claire Cheeseman is just beginning her career in agriculture.

Finishing up her double degree in Commerce and Science, majoring in Agribusiness and Environmental Science at Deakin University she is interested to see where she will go.

Claire says she didn’t plan on studying agribusiness when she left high school but she says she “felt excited by the prospect of bringing together a passion for the environment and something really tangible like agriculture”

“I felt like I could see myself making a real difference. For Australian’s, sustainable agriculture must be the future.”

With an interest in regenerative agriculture Claire hopes to see a future where we “work with nature, not against it.”

And what does Claire say to others considering a career in agriculture?

“You can make anything work in the agriculture industry, whatever your passion, there is something for you in this very big and very important sector in Australia.

“In a world where graduate jobs are hard to come by, our regional areas are just desperate for young people to come and try – so that’s what I’ll be doing.

“I don’t know where I’m going but I’m excited for the journey. The agriculture sector seems like a world of opportunity and excitement.”