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As part of the Careers Advisory Panel’s food and fibre careers advocacy, we’ve identified several free food and fibre teaching resources for educators and students. These resources aim to bring the food and fibre industry into the classroom through interactive games, animated stories, videos and reading material.

Explore these free teaching resources which are linked to the Australian curriculum through science, design, technology, and geography.

ABC Education – Search Agriculture

Curriculum-linked learning resources for primary and secondary school teachers and students. Resources include videos, games and interactives covering English, maths and science. All ages

Australian Pork Supply Chain

This virtual tour of the Australian Pork supply chain is an interactive experience that explores locations throughout the pork supply chain. It includes two types of farms – indoor and free range – an abattoir, and a supermarket.The virtual tour showcases the animal welfare, technology, sustainability, and food safety and quality measures that go into producing pork. Yr 2 10

Australian Pork

Curriculum-linked education resources to help students learn about how pigs are farmed, and how pork is processed and prepared for eating. These resources have been trialled and tested in Australian schools. Yr 2 – 10

Career Harvest

Career Harvest has information about careers in the food and fibre industry and the pathways to get there. Pathway information includes the skills and education required for particular jobs and where to find more information. Yr 3 – 12

Dairy Australia – Discover Dairy

Discover Dairy provides resources to teach students about where dairy foods come from and why they are important as part of a balanced diet. The website was developed to engage and educate teachers and students about the Australian dairy industry and the nutritious products it produces. Resources include background information, curriculum linked enquiry units and interactive activities. F – Yr 12

Farmer Time

Farmer Time helps students understand where their food and fibre comes from. Farmer time allows students to ask questions, take a virtual tour and experience what careers in food and fibre look like. K – Yr 12

Food: Different by Design – A First Nations Perspective of Food and Agriculture

This resource contains a selection of available materials that teachers may find useful when addressing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures during National Science Week, as a part of the Cross-Curriculum Priority. Educators

Forest Learning

Forest Learning provides teachers with free resources relevant to the Australian Curriculum and with a focus on Australian forests and sustainable timber products. Teacher guides and student workbooks available are written by Australian teachers. The resources provide unique insights into how forests play a vital role in the provision of wood products and environmental services for society. These resources are supported by the members of the Australian Forest Education Alliance. K – Yr 12

George the Farmer

George the Farmer is an engaging, interactive resource aimed at increasing food and fibre knowledge through  entertaining stories, songs, apps, performance, and activities. George the Farmer lives in a world where children connect to the earth, food, and farm. Free teacher resource and lesson plans are supplied. K – Yr 3

Landline – iVIEW

Landline is an ABC rural news and current affairs program that recently celebrated 30 years of broadcasting. Landline tells the stories of farmers, businesses, and communities from Australia’s rural and regional heartlands. Yr 6 – University

Learn About Wool

Learn About Wool helps teach primary and secondary students about Australian wool. These classroom resources describe the on-farm production, processing, marketing, and fashion aspects of wool. The platform that contains resources, lesson plans and activities for teachers and students from early childhood through to senior secondary years. F – Yr 12

Meat and Livestock Australia

The Australian red meat and livestock industry has developed a range of education materials aligned to the curriculum for primary and secondary school teachers. It gives students the opportunity to learn about how producers care for their animals and the environment, use technology and tackle the challenge of feeding a growing population. Resources include digital lessons and virtual excursions, lessons and activity sheets, an interactive board game, and study guides. F – Yr 10

NSW Education and Training resources

This broad directory of resources provided for teachers, students, and parents to ensure that agricultural education in schools is promoted and capabilities in the agricultural industries remain world class. All ages & Educators


Food Education resource Phenomenom is a free digital series for students in Years 3 to 6 made up of 25 short episodes led by a cast of kids and supported by industry related guests. This resource includes a digital toolkit for teachers with springboard episodes and lesson plans designed to inspire students’ to learn more about food production. Yr 3 – 6

Poultry Hub Australia

The Poultry Hub Australia supports industry internships, scholarships and promotes the poultry industry in schools and universities with the intention to build industry capacity for the future. All ages

Prime Zone

Prime Zone provides teachers and students with access to the latest quality primary industries education resources. These resources were formed through collaboration between the Australian Government, primary industries organisations and the education sector producing teaching resources, lesson plans and online curriculum-based courses. K – Yr 12

Smart Farming Virtual Classroom

These are live, scheduled events tailored for primary school students to interact with passionate farmers. Hosted online, these free 30–45-minute curriculum-linked sessions provide a perfect introduction to topics such as food production, sustainable farming practices and technology. Students can talk directly with a farmer, complete quizzes and learn about where their food comes from. Prep – Yr 6

VEG Education

VEG Education gives insight into horticulture businesses that understand the challenges facing the industry today. Students are provided with real-life examples and case studies ensuring the programs demonstrate how to run a thriving business and help navigate the ever-changing legal and compliance landscape within horticulture. All ages

Be a Junior Biosecurity Officer


Sheep emergency animal disease augmented reality app


Growing and Grafting | Hort Innovation (Years 9 -10)

A two lesson resource investigating the use of plant propagation techniques in Australia’s Nursery industry. Throughout these lessons, students will explore asexual and sexual reproduction methods and consider the advantages and disadvantages of these forms of reproduction for plants and plant producers. This resource covers Design and Technologies and Science Content Descriptors from the Australian Curriculum.



Growing a Career in Horticulture