Food and Fibre Great South Coast announces three new board members

28 September 2022




Food and Fibre Great South Coast announces three new board members


Food and Fibre Great South Coast (FFCSC) is pleased to announce three incoming board members to drive forward the organisation’s strategic platform for regional prosperity and local wellbeing.


Rejuvenated under a new Strategic Plan in 2020, FFGSC Chair Georgina Gubbins said Food and Fibre Great South Coast had gone from strength to strength to represent and boost the nation’s agricultural powerhouse region.


“As an organisation of under two staff, we’re lean and punch well above our weight to bring about change where it’s needed most; whether that’s in realising the water opportunity, advocating for energy infrastructure and sustainability, or securing the workforce we so greatly need,” Gubbins said.


“It’s fitting that our Board of Directors too represent a diverse range of industry expertise and local insights. I’m very pleased and confident that all three of the new board members will support us to continue this work and drive forward the big job ahead.”


FFGSC’s incoming directors include Botanist and Beekeeper Dr Anna Carrucan, Beef and Sheep Farmer Jamie Pepper, and former Mayor of Moorabool John Cutler, each of whom bring exceptional credibility in the industry and passion for lasting outcomes from the region.


The new directors join a passionate board of local agribusiness owners and council members to champion the future viability and sustainability of south west Victoria’s food and fibre industry.


Gubbins thanked outstanding outgoing directors Marie Thornton and Carlie Barry, as well as Deputy Chair Alistair McCosh who leaves after being a founding director and instrumental driver of the organisations success.


“It is always hard to say goodbye to exceptional people who have contributed as dedicated, skilled volunteers over many years. We thank each of the outgoing directors for their service and look forward to them remaining close friends of our organisations.”


She said she is looking forward to working with the Board and CEO Natalie Collard to deliver for the region. “We’re working hard across all levels of government, industry and local community to improve water management, leverage sustainable practices, secure the future of our  workforce, and very importantly champion a positive industry image.”


“With this already in motion, we look forward to the important work to be done.”




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Food and Fibre Great South Coast is the representative body for Victoria’s agricultural powerhouse that spans its South West. Representing over $4 billion in agricultural output annually, Food and Fibre GSC drives strategic change where it’s needed most: water management, sustainable practices, workforce issues and championing a positive industry image.