The Great South Coast Food & Fibre Council recently contracted Meridian Ag to conduct a series of focus groups with young people working in the food & fibre sector across South West Victoria.  Participants developed an insight to the brand personality perception of agriculture in South West Victoria, as well as aided in defining the desired attributes of the future branding of agriculture in the region. The results will be utilised in crafting key messages for promotion of the industry in the region.

Key messages required to overcome negative perceptions of food & fibre in South West Victoria focus on positive brand attributes that were deemed the reality by the participants. These key attributes of the brand personality are Modern, Helpful, Clever, Resourceful, Capable & Hard Working.  The report also outlines key challenges that working in food & fibre has that can be addressed to assist in communicating the branding attributes.  Read the full report which outlines the processes and outcomes of the focus groups here