Food and Fibre Calls for Representation in Careers Education Statewide

19 November 2021







Food and Fibre Great South Coast is today celebrating National Agriculture Day (#AgDayAu)’s #AgVenture theme by calling for investment to enable and empower food and fibre representation in careers education and advisory programs across the state.


Research shows that by 2035, food and fibre jobs in the Great South Coast will grow by 30%. Of these new jobs, at least 39% will require a vocational qualification and 19% will require a university degree.


Food and Fibre Great South Coast has made a submission to the VET Delivered to Secondary Students (VDSS) Discussion Paper consultation process triggered by the Firth Review (2020) calling on government to include Agriculture and Environment studies as a core VDSS unit offered at every Victorian secondary school and invest in industry-led, curriculum-aligned food and fibre careers advisory programs similar to the ‘VET Champion’ program.


Georgina Gubbins, Chair – Food and Fibre Great South Coast said: “We are proud to lead the way on food and fibre careers education through our new Careers Advisory Panel and policy advocacy.


“We’re calling on government to increase engagement with and investment in industry bodies like ours to maximise the potential of both our network and every Victorian school student.”


Food and Fibre Great South Coast’s new food and fibre careers advisory program, the Careers Advisory Panel, is a group of 14 food and fibre industry ambassadors who will engage with students, teachers and the broader education sector to foster greater employment participation throughout the region. The Careers Advisory Panel is funded by Food and Fibre Great South Coast, DemoDAIRY Foundation, The Gwen & Edna Jones Foundation and Heywire FRRR grants.


Alistair McCosh, Chair of the Nurture Food and Fibre Careers Committee, said: “There are so many food and fibre career opportunities out here for the next generation.


“Whatever you want to do – be it on a farm, in an office, a lab, or protecting the environment – you can do it in food and fibre.

“Food and fibre is part of every Australian’s life – it’s beyond time we educated ourselves and our children about the world-class sustainability, innovation and animal welfare methods behind our produce and practice.”


This year’s #AgDayAu theme is ‘#AgVenture’, demonstrating and celebrating the wide variety of careers in the agriculture supply chain, from land-based farming careers to those in technology, especially new energies, management, communications, design, sustainability, and advocacy.


Food and Fibre Great South Coast is the representative body for food and fibre in the Great South Coast. The Great South Coast is Victoria’s largest food and fibre region, producing $2.3 billion in agricultural output annually. The food and fibre industry accounts for 60% of the region’s GDP and 21.6% of total jobs in the region.



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