Great South Coast Women Leaders Best In Field

Food and Fibre – Great South Coast marked the occasion of International Rural Women’s Day on 15 October 2020 with a two-week showcase of the Great South Coast’s outstanding women leaders.

Closely aligned with Great South Coast Food and Fibre’s strategic platforms, the aim of the campaign was to celebrate and encourage rural women’s leadership and acknowledge their crucial contribution to the growth and future of regional economies and communities.

Great South Coast Food and Fibre Chair, Georgina Gubbins, said “Showcasing around twenty women leaders received an overwhelming response – people really enjoyed seeing the faces of these leaders that play a huge role in driving food and fibre’s $2.3bn economic contribution to the Great South Coast.  Typically, regional people are quiet achievers and will never talk themselves up, what we found was people getting around each other – inspired by their professionalism and vision.”

Great South Coast Food and Fibre Deputy Chair, Alistair McCosh, was excited to shine a light on these impressive women and their contributions, and highlight that food and fibre is a rich and diverse source of fulfilling careers for people of all ages, with many leadership pathways for women and new entrants. “With food and fibre offering careers ranging from general management, communications, sales and marketing, accounting, science, academia, agribusiness and agronomists, you can find the right indoors or outdoors career for you. Not many people know that we’re in a sector of massive growth, with 30 percent job growth expected in this region alone by 2035.”

Great South Coast Food and Fibre celebrated 18 women leaders over as many days, and was able to reach over 4k people across three social media platforms.

Capturing the optimistic community sentiment about the future was one of the most worthwhile aspects of the campaign. As local leader Karen Foster stated, “I’m proud to be part of this inspirational Food and Fibre – Great South Coast series highlighting women who lead in our region.  It’s been a tough year but we have so much to look forward to and work for.”