Kym Mathew – Careers Advisory Panel Ambassador

‘The dairy industry offers a really diverse range of careers. It’s easy to think that it is all just milking cows’, but as Kym explains, there’s a lot more to it than that.

Originally trained as a maintenance fitter within an engineering business, he says, ’I didn’t like the oil and the grease, and it was very much an indoor job’. He moved on and found that his skill set gave him the right tools to get involved in the agriculture industry.

Kym has been working as a field supply manager in the dairy industry for around eight years. Getting into the dairy industry allowed him to use and expand on these skills and apply them in a career that gets him out and about, keeping each day both exciting and challenging.

Kym’s job takes him all around, going from farm to farm, meeting farmers and discussing issues with them. ‘It’s all very, very interesting, very challenging; every farm is different, every farmer is different, and every day is different’, he explains.

‘There are many different careers that you just don’t think of when you see a paddock of dairy cows: from educators and teachers to robot technicians and computer scientists. There are the people who write the algorithms for heat detection, and of course, the microbiologists who make the cheese.’

Kym says that you just need to have a look and make a start, ‘It is just like building blocks, start with a bit of knowledge and gain more and then gain a bit more’.