Local Job Seekers are Invited to join us for Lunch at our Food and Fibre Career Tasting Trail

24 May 2023




Local Job Seekers are Invited to join us for Lunch at our Food and Fibre Career Tasting Trail

Food and Fibre Great South Coast Inc. (FFGSC) is pleased to announce we will be holding a Food and Fibre Careers Tasting Trail to introduce local job seekers to opportunities within the food and fibre sector.


The Career Tasting Trail consists of three panel and lunch events from 11am – 2pm in the following locations:

Friday 2 June  – The Flying Horse, WARRNAMBOOL

Wednesday 14 June – Heywood Hotel, HEYWOOD

Tuesday 20 June – Commercial Hotel, HAMILTON

In a relaxed setting job seekers will hear a panel of food and fibre representatives share their stories.  The different pathways, educational backgrounds and interests that led them to their rewarding current roles. They’ll share tips about how to explore your own interests, why setbacks are normal, and how to assess what roles may suit you.


During lunch there will be plenty of time for informal discussions and questions.

All attendees will be given a contact card to enable them to be supported to follow up their interest in pursuing roles in the broad range of careers available.

Food and Fibre Great South Coast Chief Executive Officer said, “By de-mystifying the range of jobs available in our sector, ranging from office, creative and outdoor roles, we hope to help those who are seeking work to feel confident in exploring jobs that might suit them.  After this short lunch session, we hope attendees will all feel valued and more connected to their communities, and some will ready to take a step towards their rewarding food and fibre career.

A food and fibre career is a fantastic choice for a steady career, our research shows we will have 30 percent growth in food and fibre jobs by 2035.  Everybody is welcome in the food and fibre sector, with this projected job growth comprising a range of educational attainment levels as below:

  • 39% of food and fibre jobs will require a vocational qualification
  • 19% of food and fibre jobs will require a university degree.
  • 42% of food and fibre jobs will not require tertiary education.”

Workforce Australia Local Jobs is funded by the Australian Government Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.

For more, please visit https://foodfibregsc.com.au/

Media contact:

Natalie Collard
Chief Executive Officer
0413 009 373


Vi Nettheim
Policy and Advocacy Officer
0451 855 195

About Food and Fibre Great South Coast:

Food and Fibre Great South Coast (FFGSC) is the representative body for South West Victoria’s $4bn agriculture sector, and $12bn food and fibre value chain, which is responsible for 60% of our gross regional product and 21.6% of all regional jobs. South West Victoria is Australia’s largest agricultural production region by value, dominated by dairy, beef and sheep industries and supplying 14% of Victoria’s fresh seafood. FFGSC is an incorporated organisation administered by a volunteer Board and one FTE Chief Executive Officer.

Twitter: @GreatFibre