Madeline Campbell – Careers Advisory Panel Ambassador

Madeline has a world of experience in the forestry industry, and is passionate about her role as the Silvicultural supervisor at Australian Bluegum Plantations.  The science of forestry is known as silviculture and is applied in the management of plantation forests to sustain and  enhance ecological outcomes, continually improving productivity, vitality and diversity of plantation forest ecosystems – what a rewarding career!

With what started as a family connection in the industry, Madeline pursued her diploma of agriculture and 12 years later is supervising silviculture contractors in blue gum plantations.

Some of her day-to-day operations include spraying, maintenance, nutrition, fencing, firefighting and fire prevention. On top of this, she runs a business with her partner, which provides labour for local farmers. She loves the everchanging environment of her work where “no two days are the same.” Although the unpredictable weather can be a major obstacle, she thrives on the challenge and adjusts various elements in her work approach to strive towards a quick turnaround.

She finds it uplifting to achieve positive results. Campbell says it’s extremely rewarding “to see the results of your work, for example planting a seedling and six months later seeing the growth.” Although she wishes others knew about the variety of roles within the food and fibre sector of the Great South Coast, and that not all involve working on a farm. She also wants to raise awareness about the difficulty young people have entering the industry.

Madeline is an impressive and down-to-earth role model for young people looking to enter the industry, and shows great leadership through her community contributions. Madeline can often be found at FFGSC’s outreach events immersed in a conversation with a job seeker.