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Realise the Water Opportunity

To sustainably capture the full potential value of the Great South Coast’s underutilised water resource

The Great South Coast receives reliable rainfall for consistent growing seasons and has access to abundant groundwater supplies. These groundwater assets represent significant potential to grow the value of the food and fibre sector through a smarter approach to agricultural water use. Our aim is to capture the full potential of the Great South Coast’s water resources through sustainable management of ground and surface water, fit-for-purpose licensing arrangements and more effective draining systems.

FFGSC has been building community, social licence and consensus on water policy matters since our founding. Our policy positions are endorsed by water stakeholders across the region and research shows they could result in over $40m of additional value spread evenly across the regional economy.

GSC Sustainable Water Statement 15-Feb

Latest updates

Local water plan for regional prosperity backed for action

21 February 2023     MEDIA RELEASE Local water plan for regional prosperity backed for action Following 12 months of targeted advocacy, Food and Fibre Great South Coast (FFGSC) has […]

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Food and Fibre targets economic, jobs and income boom through smarter agricultural water use

Tuesday 15 February 2022       MEDIA RELEASE Food and Fibre Targets $40m per year Economic Boost, with $21.7m for Local Households   A report by Food and Fibre […]

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2 Minutes To Empower The Great South Coast

DO YOU HAVE 2 MINUTES TO HELP EMPOWER THE GREAT SOUTH COAST? What we’re doing? Calling the Victorian Energy Minister! – I’m calling to request that the Minister allocate $10 […]

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