Something different every day

Lexie Leonard has a quite simple message for the people of the Great South Coast.

“Australian agriculture is booming.”

The final ambassador of the Great South Coast’s Food + Fibre 2020 campaign, Lexie says agriculture is an exciting and important space to be in – and one she highly recommends.

“This industry is a vital component of our region and is incredibly diverse. There are so many opportunities in the agricultural space for everyone this is excited to be a part. The industry is constantly evolving and there’s always a place for innovation and new ideas.”

The Livestock Logic associate veterinarian says every day is different in her role and others in the industry comment on the diversity of their roles.

“I like the variety, there’s always something different happening,” she says.

“I love that we get to work outside as a large animal vet, we’re mainly out on the farms working with a great variety of people.

“I’m from Mansfield and my husband is from Hamilton. Livestock Logic has a reputation as being one of the leading sheep veterinary practices in Australia and is such an amazing opportunity for me to work with like-minded vets and producers in the area.”

And what does Lexie say to others considering a career in agriculture?

“Go for it – the Australian agricultural industry is booming and is a great space for new people to come with new ideas and start new businesses and careers.

“I find it a really vibrant area to work in, there are a lot of young men and women involved in the industry and you form really good relationships with people, they are really enthusiastic and nice.

“As a farmer and vet I just love the work I do.”