South West Victoria claims Australia’s top agriculture producer

27 May 2022





South West Victoria claims Australia’s top agriculture producer with more growth yet to come


South West Victoria is the country’s largest agricultural producer, new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics has revealed.


The ABS’ figure on the gross value of agricultural regions found that out of fifty Natural Resource Management Areas, Glenelg Hopkins (#1) and Corangamite (#8) agricultural producers came out on top – contributing over $4.6 billion in production over the 2019-20 period.


Spanning key industries including wool, dairy, livestock and horticulture, Seven of Australia’s top ten agricultural regions were in Victoria.


Food and Fibre Great South Coast (FFGSC) Chair Georgina Gubbins said that this incredible achievement should come as no surprise to the industry and state.


“Our food and fibre producers have long been the backbone of our local communities, and the agricultural powerhouse of our entire state,” Gubbins said. “It’s wonderful to see the ABS confirm we’re number one nationally.”


The entire agricultural industry in Victoria’s South West region accounts for over 21% of all jobs, drives 60% of the regional economy and contributes over $3 billion in annual GRP.


FFGSC CEO Natalie Collard said the upward trend was only going to increase.


“Research we commissioned last year found there was huge potential for significant industry growth with simple, sustainable adjustments to our water use,” Collard said.


“If we increase water efficiency by a very achievable 10 per cent we would see notable outcomes for industry productivity, including an additional $40 million for our local economy, 400 FTE and $21.7 million for local households. Critically, this can be done while upholding our strong commitment to sustainable water use” Collard said.


“We’re now working hard with industry to make that happen with sustainable practices and improved water management. It’s important to remember that this is a vital next step not just for agribusinesses but the entire local community who reap the benefits.”


NRM Region Broadacre crops Horticulture & Viticulture Cattle and calves Sheep, lambs and wool Other Livestock Whole milk Agriculture – Total
Glenelg Hopkins 405.12 15.97 668.34 1,138.90 41.97 526.03 2,796.32
Corangamite 334.27 133.57 353.09 287.15 222.83 542.38 1,873.28
South West Victoria total 739.39 149.54 1021.43 1426.05 264.80 1068.41 4669.60




Food and Fibre Great South Coast

Food and Fibre Great South Coast is the representative body for Victoria’s agricultural powerhouse that spans its South West. Representing over $4 billion in agricultural output annually, Food and Fibre GSC drives strategic change where it’s needed most: water management, sustainable practices, workforce issues and championing a positive industry image.


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