Strategic Platforms

Food and Fibre Great South Coast Inc. is aligning for impact to further the region’s enormous economic potential through food and fibre. Our strategic direction is guided by the Growing Our Regional Futures Strategy 2021-2023.

The Council’s strategic direction is underpinned by the Great South Coast Food and Fibre Action Plan and is intrinsically aligned with the Great South Coast Economic Futures Report 2020.

In 2020-21 and beyond, the Council will concentrate our focus and resources to optimise impact and unlock the opportunities to grow the value and capacity of the Great South Coast’s food and fibre industry. We will do this by concentrating on four Strategic Platforms and their actions to foster regional growth and capacity.


Drive Regional Value-Add, Investment and Sustainability

This year, the Great South Coast was recognised as Australia’s largest agricultural production region by value – responsible for over $4.6 billion in output over the 2020-2021 period. The economic […]

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Realise the Water Opportunity

To sustainably capture the full potential value of the Great South Coast’s underutilised water resource.

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Nurture Food and Fibre Careers

To attract talented young people to the food & fibre sector by outlining clearer career pathways and offering more integrated learning approaches.

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Champion Food and Fibre Advocacy

To successfully influence food & fibre policy in the region by advocating with a coordinated voice that represents every sector and supply chain.

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