The Great South Coast Food & Fibre Council congratulates Yumbah Aquaculture on gaining Council approval for their $73 million Nyamat abalone production proposal, which will not only grow the local economy but also continue to build global recognition of the Great South Coast as a centre of premium, sustainable food production.

“Yumbah provides a great example of how we can harness the opportunities in this region to grow the Great South Coast’s food & fibre sector, and with it our regional economy,” said GSCFF Executive Officer, Tony Ford.

“This kind of quality, sustainable, high-end product has global appeal and will help to put our great region on the map both nationally, and internationally,” he said.

Mr Ford said Yumbah’s Nyamat project will double Australia’s farmed abalone production, cementing the Great South Coast’s status as the number one food and fibre producing region in Victoria.

“The GSCF&F Action Plan aims to encourage and assist producers and manufacturers to recognise and grasp the vast opportunities that exist in our region,” he said.

“We’re clean, we’re green, we have the pristine great Southern Ocean and coastline making our region suitable for both land and sea-based aquaculture.  We have one of the most reliable climates in the country to produce the highest quality food and fibre to feed and clothe the world.  Yumbah has recognised this and we congratulate them on seizing this opportunity to create long-term sustainable production in the region.”

Yumbah’s Nyamat project will create 170 construction jobs and 160 permanent jobs in the region.  Currently, the Food and Fibre sector accounts for 60% of our region’s GDP and accounts for over 20 per cent of employment.