Celebrated Global Expert To Present Cutting Edge Research on Methane Emissions from Ruminant Livestock

Friday 3 February 2023





Do Cows Cause Climate Change?

Celebrated Global Expert To Present Cutting Edge Research on Methane Emissions from Ruminant Livestock

As the world works towards achieving net zero, the global food supply chain is under the spotlight, with methane emissions for livestock seen as a key driver of agriculture sector emissions.

To investigate this topic, and gain a deeper understanding of how we measure methane emissions, greenhouse gases, and the importance of ruminants within the carbon loop, Food and Fibre Great South Coast (FFGSC) and our valued partners have collaborated to bring together specialists to the region for a night of discussion.

FFGSC Chair, red meat producer Georgina Gubbins, said, “For over a decade, Australia’s food and fibre leaders have proactively invested and innovated to strengthen sector sustainability in all its forms – environmental, animal welfare, people and profitability – and this work is stepping up every year.

It’s vital we have the best information informing our decisions. To help do this, thanks to our valued event partners, we are proud to host an international and local speakers to help broaden our understanding of methane emissions and their influence on the environment.

In particular, expert Dr Frank Mitloehner is globally renowned for his research into livestock’s contribution to climate change. Dr. Mitloehner will be joined by local speakers with expertise and experience in sustainable agriculture, Cam Nicholson from Nicon Rural Services, and Paul Tyson from Dairy Australia.

The amount of interest in this event is proof of the importance and relevance of this discussion.”

FFGSC Deputy Chair and dairy farmer, Oonagh Kilpatrick, says that she hopes the event will help to broaden our understanding of the role of ruminants in the environment.

“It is essential for us as producers to understand our impact on the world we live in, and embrace skills like resilience, innovation, and adaptability in the coming years.

We have capacity for 300 people and we encourage attendance by our whole community, not just those involved in food production. We are a transparent sector, playing our part not only to provide world class food, but to do so sustainably – after all we are fellow consumers and take our role as natural resource stewards seriously.”


About our speakers:

Dr. Frank Mitloehner is our keynote speaker and a professor in the Department of Animal Science at the University of California, Davis, specialising in the measurement and mitigation of airborne pollutants from livestock production. Dr. Mitloehner collaborates with the animal agriculture sector to increase efficiencies, reduce pollutants, and understand the impact of these airborne emissions of the health of farm workers and neighbouring communities.

Cam Nicholson is the consultant and director of Nicon Rural Services. With over a decade of carbon-related experience and applying outcomes on-farm for agricultural clients, Cam also brings over 30 years of experience consulting in the dairy industry, helping farmers make more informed sustainability and investment decisions.

Paul Tyson is the Regional Climate Adaptation Lead for Dairy Australia (DA). Paul has recently joined DA in a hybrid role covering Western Victoria and Gippsland. He has a background of nearly 15 years in sustainable agricultural systems and environmental sustainability within the private and public agricultural sectors, government and research organisations, with a focus on NMP, ICM and integrating sustainable farming practices into profitable farming businesses


This event is all-inclusive; all are welcome and encouraged to attend. The event fee is $30pp and includes a two-course buffet dinner prior to the presentations.

For more details, and to book your tickets, please visit the Eventbrite page at https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/rethinking-methane-from-animal-agriculture-with-dr-frank-mitloehner-tickets-522361877437.


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