Diverse range of career opportunities

By Grass Growers agronomist Danielle O’Keeffe

Growing up on a dairy farm at Glenormiston I knew I wanted a career in agriculture – but I didn’t want to be a dairy farmer.

I was passionate about agriculture but dairy farming wasn’t the lifestyle I wanted. I looked into agriculture-based careers and started studying Conservation Land Management. Insufficient numbers meant the course folded, so after a stint working horses and on the family farm I began studying agronomy and agriculture through what was then Glenormiston College.

Eight years ago I started as a pasture agronomist with Terang-based Grass Growers and I honestly love it. We provide agronomy services for farmers that use the business for fertiliser, as well as pasture seeds. I like the communication with farmers and have built up strong relationships with my clients.

One of the things I’ve noticed the most about agriculture is how much it is progressing and modernising. Because of this there are so many ways to minimalise dirty roles if that’s what you choose. In dairy for instance there are now technologies that mean less time spent in the dairy and more working on your business as a whole.

It’s the same with other agricultural fields too – you can shape it to be what you want to be. You can have all the technology or none, whatever way you want to go.

There’s so many positive things looking forward. Agriculture is critically important to our region and will remain so. It has come so far in the last 10 years and there will be so many changes in the next 10 – it’s a really exciting space to be in.