New ambassadors announced

The Great South Coast Food + Fibre Council is unveiling its second round of ambassadors in a bid to showcase the diversity and vibrancy of the region’s agriculture sector.

Food + Fibre Great South Coast Chair, Georgina Gubbins, said the ambassadors highlighted the changing face of food and fibre in the region.

“This campaign is so exciting because there are just so many fantastic stories of diversity and success in agriculture across the Great South Coast,” Ms Gubbins said.

“This week we are featuring primary producer Coby Brewis as our latest ambassador.

“She has a great story to tell and highlights the way farming has evolved to be the lifestyle you choose.”

Ms Gubbins said technological advancements meant food and fibre in the Great South Coast was on the cusp of greatness.

“We are one of Australia’s most productive regions, generating more than $2.3 billion in agricultural products in 2018.

“However, when placed in a global context, there is significant opportunity to bolster production and diversify the food and fibre economy.

“By way of comparison, the same amount of land area is given over to farming in Holland – a nation that produced more than $144 billion exports in 2018.”

Ms Gubbins said this reinforced the potential for growth that exists in the region.

“We know the opportunities exist to grow and our ambassadors are prime examples of people grasping that opportunity with both hands.

“It’s a very exciting time to be involved in agriculture.”